Expert witness testimony supporting litigation for cosmetics, areosols, toiletries and cosmetic formulations for skin care and hair care.  Review of opposing depositions. shampoo consultant, shampoo formualtion consultant, shampoo, consultant, formualtion
Expert witness testimony for litigation and lawsuits involving skin care, hair care, and aerosol  products and toiletries. Expert witness cosmetics testimony is based in real world expertise and experience in formulation, skin care, hair relaxer, permanent wave, hair dye, hair care and areosol product develoment and formulation.  We also review of opposing expert witness testimony in litigation and lawsuits.

  Provides a complete range of research and development consulting services to the cosmetic and toiletries industry. Opening Page
These services vary from innovative hair and skin care product formulation to the development and substantiation of compelling advertising claims.
   Accomplished professionals provide instant access to specialized technologies and years of hands-on experience. Services
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Our expertise includes such hard to find areas as Aerosols and Hair Color.
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Legal Support  •  Expert Witness

Expert witness services and support of legal issues based on direct industry experience.

Westman Associates provides technical assistance, laboratory support, and expert witness services, in support of litigation, patent issues, and general legal matters related to personal care products and technologies. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of skin care and hair care products, including such highly specialized categories as hair dyes, hair relaxers, permanent waves, and aerosols. Further, our experience includes significant involvement with patent and legal issues through years in positions varying from bench chemist to senior executive and now consultants to the industry.

From hair care and skin care product formulation, to laboratory, clinical and consumer testing; and from QA/QC and manufacturing practices, to advertising claim substantiation; we are intimately familiar with the procedures, testing and documentation that are required to properly bring a product to market and support its continued production. We apply this knowledge and understanding to such activities as:

  • Expert witness deposition and testimony.
  • Technical support in preparation for litigation.
  • Review of technical literature, patents, and prior art.
  • Review of manufacturing and QA/QC documents and records.
  • Review of opposing expert witness statements, depositions and testimony.
  • Preparation of technical expert statements and reports.
  • Design & execution of laboratory and clinical testing.

Mort Westman, President, has more than 35 years of experience in the research and development and commercialization of skin care and hair care products for the general and Ethnic markets, both for salon and retail usage. He has been an integral part of teams that have brought virtually every form of hair care and skin care product to market. During this process, he has gained a thorough knowledge and strategic understanding of both the associated science and industry practices. This same knowledge and understanding provides the foundation for his solid, informed support of legal issues and expert witness services.

Expert witness testimony, review of opposing expert witness testimony and services in support of lawsuits involving skin care, hair care and personal care products.
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Westman Associates, Inc. shampoo consultant, shampoo formualtion consultant, shampoo, consultant, formualtion