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Mort Westman

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Skin Care & Hair Care Product Development
  • Strategic skin care and hair care formulation
  • All hair and skin care product categories
  • Cutting edge technology combined with creative artistry
  • Focus on consumer needs & perceptions
  • Esthetics designed to support functionality
  • Integrate Operational, Marketing and Sales perspectives
  • Unique specialties include hair dyes & aerosols
  • Foreign language translations of cosmetic copy
"Hair care, or skin care, . . . transform your creative vision into a commercial reality."

Westman Associates combines state of the art technology, with well-honed artistry, and a strategic knowledge of the marketplace, to develop the full spectrum of hair care and skin care products. The result is innovative products, targeted for commercial success. We have no "stock" formulas. Hair care or skin care, all products are custom formulated to your specifications, . . . or aspirations. Our goal is to transform your creative vision into a commercial reality.

All products are formulated by skilled cosmetic chemists that have brought virtually every form of hair care and skin care product to market. These talented individuals gained broad experience through years within the research and development departments of prominent personal care marketers. In roles varying from bench chemist to senior executive, our team has acquired an appreciation for the technology, artistry, and market considerations needed to create winning hair care and skin care products. Having been responsible for highly successful product introductions – in the U.S. and throughout the globe – we know what it takes to launch and support successful products. Skin care or hair care, we know what it takes to do the same for you.

Creativity, performance, and well-targeted esthetics aren't enough. Our formulations must meet many additional requirements, including those related to . . .

  • Marketing claims
  • Ingredient cost
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety, in-use and during manufacture
  • Shelf stability
  • Ease of manufacture
From the addition of the very first chemical to the laboratory beaker, through the development of quality specifications, we consider these factors, and many more, during each aspect of product development.

Be it the formulation of a unique new hair care or skin care product, . . . the development of a line extension, . . . or the creation of an entire line, Westman Associates provides the quality of product development services expected of the R&D department of a major manufacturer. And, we do so at a fraction of the cost. Please contact us to discuss your product development needs. We look forward to putting our resources to work for you.

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Westman Associates, Inc. shampoo consultant, shampoo formualtion consultant, shampoo, consultant, formualtion