Westman Associates, Inc. shampoo consultant, shampoo formualtion consultant, shampoo, consultant, formualtion
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Vendor Services

Westman Associates provides a number of valuable services that are specifically designed to support chemical suppliers to the cosmetics and toiletries industry. Each is aided by a thorough knowledge of skin care and hair care –technology, –products, –markets, and –industry personnel. We have assisted both established suppliers, and those considering entry into this exciting and lucrative arena in a great number of areas, including the following:

  • Strategic insights
  • Ingredient applications
  • Performance evaluations
  • Cutting-edge formularies
  • Industry introductions
  • Advertising claims and demos
  • Technical articles, papers & presentations
  • Market research testing
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Sales materials & presentations

Westman Associates replaces the learning curve with
in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

Years of experience within marketer R&D organizations have provided us with a strategic understanding of the elements that compel the trial and purchase of chemical ingredients. Most significantly, we have gained valuable insights into the needs and motivators of the formulating chemist and how they can best be accommodated. Combined with our considerable technical knowledge, this strategic understanding has allowed us to assist suppliers in identifying exciting skin and hair care applications for both established and new chemical ingredients. In addition to skin and hair care, our expertise includes such hard to find specialty areas as hair dyes and aerosols.

Utilizing our laboratories, as well as external clinical testing facilities, we have established procedures to assess the viability and commercial potential of new market entries through functional evaluations in comparison with market standards. Further, we have developed panels of industry professionals to provide pre-market insights into product viability, through both informal discussions and formal market research studies. To complete the process, we have been able to stimulate ingredient awareness and accelerate market penetration, via technical presentations and publications, formulary development and by providing introductions to key market personnel. In short, we can aid and expedite the process from inception through sales.

Our clients vary from major established suppliers seeking to add excitement to the introduction of a new ingredient, to highly entrepreneurial groups considering entry into a new marketplace. Our role has varied from entirely technical in nature, to that of industry advisor. In all cases, we are confident that our well-rounded experience and understanding of the marketplace has served to advance our client's projects and added to their commercial success. We remain eager to do so for you.

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Westman Associates, Inc. shampoo consultant, shampoo formualtion consultant, shampoo, consultant, formualtion